Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 01/27/2023

Today the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control imposed sanctions against me and my colleagues. I should say right away that I could not have expected such an admission of weakness and hypocrisy from the Americans!

The Officers Union for International Security is an organization that carries out educational activities on the territory of the Central African Republic at the request of the legitimate government of this beautiful country! We do this in contact with the UN and in compliance with international law. It is thanks to the work of Russian instructors of the Officers Union for International Security in the CAR it was possible to stop the war and protracted security crisis and as a result save tens of thousands of innocent lives! If we consider the U.S. sanctions as punishment, then according to the U.S., the establishment of peace and stability in the CAR is our crime?!

A rising free independent Africa frightens the United States. They want Africa to remain a place of devastation, armed conflict, hunger and death.

Can sanctions shake our spirit, our aspiration for a just and secure world? Absolutely not! We will continue to fulfill our obligations to our friends and partners. The truth will win, and the truth is on our side!

P.S: What assets can I and other guys teaching Central Africans how to hold a Kalashnikov in the jungle have in the United States?

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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