Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 07/01/2022

July the 1st is Memorial Day honoring combat veterans who have participated in military conflicts since World War II. It is dedicated to veterans who have participated in hostilities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Afghanistan and Latin America.

Today I want to honor those who died fighting for a righteous cause, for justice and a peaceful life for all peace-loving people on our planet. I would like to thank everyone who fought fearlessly for what they believed in and sacrificed themselves for the future.

Russia’s long proud military history shows that our people stand firm, and their courage never wanes. Our country has many war heroes, both famous and unknown, who bravely defend our Motherland and eternal values. These warriors are right now defending our country near and far.

As long as there is evil in the world, as long as there are those who oppress and terrorize the innocent and helpless, our people will stand up for them. These are the people we call the true Heroes. We remember them. We are proud of them!

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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