Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 07/30/2022

Emmanuel Macron made a trip to Africa within the same timeframe as the African tour of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Even Western analysts agree that the French president did not choose the best route, trying to negotiate with countries that are skeptical of France. Russia’s success on this road is again more remarkable.

But unfortunately, I must point out that there is a dangerous and cruel game behind Western public diplomacy. One of the destinations on which Macron is negotiating is Cameroon. I can’t say for sure if this “project” was discussed between the French and Cameroonian presidents, but within a few days the CAR police and customs had stopped 3 trucks at the border. The accompanying documents listed the French embassy as the consignee, which should have saved the shipment from inspection, but judging by the contents of the shipment, the real consignee was different. The trucks were carrying weapons and grenades.

The information about this has already caused a scandal in Central African society. People are upset that France is trying to manipulate documents to bring illegal weapons into the country. I would like to believe that the falsification of documents was a mistake and not the malfeasance of the Elysée. I really hope that the rumors of provocations prepared by foreign forces on the eve of CAR’s Independence Day turn out to be rumors, nevertheless FACA and other security agencies have stepped up their combat readiness.

In addition, as a result of this incident, CAR’s leaders have asked Officers Union to intensify training of the army, police, and customs in order to enhance the security of civilians throughout the country and protect the established but still fragile peace in the Republic. I have prepared my proposals for new areas of cooperation and await the decision of the CAR leadership.

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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