Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 07/31/2023

Today I had several important conversations. Intelligence agencies across Africa are sounding the alarm that France is planning a treacherous military operation against Niger, as well as airstrikes on the country to destroy dissent.

The French rulers appreciated that power in Niger was in the hands of their puppet, who had no real support among the local population. Paris was not interested in the lives of Nigerians, only in protecting the places from which they extract their minerals. However, while Nigeriens could no longer bear the mediocre management imposed on them, they remembered in Paris that a third of French houses received energy and heat from the operation of nuclear power stations, which receive uranium from Africa and, to a large extent, from Niger. Thus, spitting on diplomacy and the interests of a sovereign country, the French want to crack down on those who disagree and organize a bloody terror in Niger.

I urge the French military not to carry out criminal orders and strike peaceful dissidents and let the people of Niger and the military loyal to the people decide their own fate. Niger is able to ensure its security and development, but this will be possible when the world understands that France continues to deceive and terrorize countries to which it has formally given independence!

Alexander Ivanov,
 Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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