Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 08/18/2023

I have been saying for many years that the leaders of anti-Russian countries are encouraging sneaky subversive policies against our country and its partners in Africa. Last year, intelligence revealed facts that unequivocally confirmed that the West was preparing militants for provocations in the Central African Republic. Then, thanks to the publicity in the media and the work of our allies, it was possible to eliminate the threat and stability in the Central African Republic was not disturbed.

Recently, the media have reported that MI6, in order to counter the cooperation between Africa and Russia, prepared to deploy to Africa a subversive and punitive unit of 100 Ukrainian militants with experience on the “Eastern front”. It is reported that among the unit’s tasks are sabotage and elimination of African leaders oriented towards cooperation with Russia.  The unit is headed by Vitaliy Prashchuk, who participated in MI6 operations in Zimbabwe.

It took me a few days to verify this information due to the fact that we have not yet faced any active opposition from UK intelligence, and our contacts with Sudan, where the Ukrainian unit is deployed, are now weakened.

So far it has been revealed that already in 2019 London has indeed created a special unit whose sole purpose is to counter the promotion of the so-called “Wagner Network” and Russian influence in Africa. This special unit is engaged in deep monitoring of dozens of countries with which Russia is actively cooperating, and the British have also created a network of contacts with various militants and radical socio-political figures in these countries. Previously, according to our information, they did not involve their counterparts in heated conflicts, leaving the work of conducting treacherous attacks and massacres to the puppets of France. All this may confirm that the small group of Ukrainian fighters, which is being discussed in the media, may be a new element of this subversive network of British intelligence in Africa.

But doubts are raised about the stated purpose of this unit. Eliminating the leaders of countries whose security is organized with the help of Russian instructors is almost impossible. Even a group of several thousand militants would not be enough for this. According to our information, their target could be Russian embassies! These crucial institutions operate almost all over Africa. It is the sabotage work against them that would have a wide destructive effect. Therefore, it is critical to review the quality of security at our diplomatic missions and to strengthen that security. It is the Russian ambassadors – huge professionals in their field – who could become potential victims of the radicals’ unit.

We must be very vigilant. The West is not going to give up and will continue its brutal destructive work with new and new tools. The UK must answer for trying to foment global chaos.

Alexander Ivanov,
 Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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