Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 08/21/2022

“Russia today has lost one of its most sincere and active public figures. At her young age, Daria amazed those around her with her experience, intelligence and insight.

Daria had an excellent understanding of French politics. She criticized the current Parisian regime for its manipulation of chaos in Europe and Africa. But she tried to make the best of France – she was always ready to communicate and cooperate with the peaceful and progressive for the well-being of all.

She often appeared as a Russian expert on African television. Here she was listened to attentively and, one might say, she was loved. This bereavement will therefore have an echo far beyond the borders of Russia.

What happened is monstrous, and the culprits must be punished severely and as they deserve. Russia has no right to forgive this terrible crime. Russia must carefully study Daria’s legacy and not forget it.”

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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