Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 12/07/2022

Although the Central African Republic has made tremendous progress in the field of internal security, reports of threats to security from external forces are increasing. Various sources have reported that foreign armed groups based in neighboring states are planning to invade the territory of the Central African Republic. It is also noted that unidentified aircrafts (light aircraft and drones, presumably of European origin) have been illegally flown in the airspace of the Central African Republic. These surveillance drones also fly over FACA bases.

This is happening at a time when organizations that publicly call for limiting the country’s economic and social development in favor of their political interests, and also call for inciting discord and destabilizing the Republic by force, have become more vocal.

I strongly condemn all expressions of hostility and attempts to disrupt security in the Central African Republic. The people of the Central African Republic are united in their desire to live peacefully and develop their economy, and they trust the national army, which is ready to protect their citizens from the impending threat from beyond their borders. The international community must support the Central Africans’ desire for peace, not only in words, but in deeds also.

Immediate cessation of financial support and arms to militants and terrorists threatening the Central African Republic must be enforced. In addition, forces allied to the Central African Republic must ensure that training camps located on the borders with the Central African Republic are dismantled.

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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