Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 12/13/2022

In the last 24 hours, false information has been spreading on social networks about the increased activity of militants and alleged attacks in the provinces of Haute Kotto and Ouaka. We are searching for the sources of these disinformation messages, but I want to emphasize that this information is not true. I am grateful that Yevgeny Prigozhin has already made a statement on this topic. He is very aware of the situation in Africa and it is clear that he stays up to date with current events.

Indeed, in recent days, small groups of bandits have attempted attacks on civilians for the purpose of theft. However, these disparate groups of criminals received an instant riposte from the FACA fighters located in the respective localities. Faced with resistance from the CAR’s defense and security forces, the bandits simply fled into the jungle.

Nevertheless, the FACA servicemen warned our employees who are always ready to go to help. In this case, no help was needed. When our employees arrived at the scene, there was no trace of the militants.

Of course, all such incidents require attention, because at the moment there is a threat of an attack on the CAR from the outside. We understand that any attack can be both the beginning of external aggression and a trick designed to distract attention in order to strike from the other side. That is why we are on high alert and with vigilance we monitor and work out such messages.

I strongly condemn all attempts to destabilize the CAR. I demand that the international community immediately stop supporting the militants who continue to accumulate forces to attack the CAR! Central Africans have come a long way to national unity and peaceful coexistence, and do not deserve an external invasion that will destroy what they have managed to build.

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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