Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 02/02/2022

In this moment, we are witnessing the activation of propaganda resources that earn money by inventing news, slandering Russian specialists and Russia. The enormity of the fake news they publish is incomprehensible. The instructors are accused of crimes that were allegedly committed hundreds of kilometers away from where they are located. What will they propose next? Wagner on Mars?

And these propaganda, which are not based on any facts, appear at the same time that the whole country discusses and condemns the accusations appeared on theа television of real people, confirming the facts of cooperation between the militants and theа МINUSCA and French diplomats. It turns out that the Western propaganda machine is switched on to the maximum and is ready а invent the most terrible lies against Russia, if only to cover up its own crimes.

I, on behalf of Officers Union for International Security, demand that the international community put pressure on those who continue to provide information and material support to militants in CAR!

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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