Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 03/02/2022

Over the past week, Russia has faced an unprecedented flood of lies. Throughout the years of work in the Central African Republic, every week Russian instructors have been falsely accused of various fictitious crimes, but the lie that our entire country has faced in recent days is indescribable!

It is an insane information war, and the Ukrainian people forced to believe false information, inciting hatred against Russia. The next step was the distribution of small arms to the Ukrainians, which has put many at risk of dying as participants in the hostilities. Even the leaders of armed groups in the Central African Republic do not succumb to such madness!

All these things happen because of the lies! Western politicians and the media help spread the untruth. The examples run rampant! British MPs circulated video of alleged battle between ordinary Ukrainian citizens and Russian military: in the video, unidentified individuals allegedly throw Molotov cocktails at Russian motorized infantry. The fact is that this video was filmed during the coup in Kyiv in 2014. Belarusian opposition activists released a video in which a Ukrainian pilot allegedly shot down a Russian fighter, accompanied by images of a burning plane and a powerful explosion. The video that has had millions of views, in fact, it is a setting of a video game! And there are hundreds of such examples! The false accusations make the situation worse, the flow of Western false information must be stopped in order to save lives.

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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