Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 04/04/2022

Taking into consideration the speculations that arose from to the fact that Russian political party “Spravedlivaya Rossia za Pravdu” submitted a bill on private military companies to the State Duma, I am forced to express my opinion. Although the Officers Union is not a PMCs, I am often consulted on issues related to private military companies, because our organization is engaged in instructional activities, standing within the boundaries of the law.

I believe that an unprocessed and ill-considered law is not what we need now!

All Russian companies working in the field of security in Africa continue to work. Yes, many of our employees are eager to go to Donbass to help the Motherland achieve Victory, but we have tasks in the CAR, while other companies have contractual obligations to other countries. We are reliable partners and we will maintain our reputation that has been built up over the years. This is very important especially now, because in the face of unfriendly actions by the West, the importance of Africa and the Middle East for Russia is growing.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation successfully discharge the tasks of the Special military operation and there is no need to attract any new private military companies.

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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