Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 02/05/2022

Tonight the world has witnessed a striking example of an information attack.

News agency Bloomberg has “mistakenly” informed its multimillion audience about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Around midnight, Bloomberg published a story with the headline “Russia invades Ukraine”, later to be deleted. Then the American agency explained that they were preparing headlines in advance “for a variety of scenarios.”

I believe that there can be no such misunderstandings! I see it as yet another case of provocation and information attack on the part of the West. Working in the CAR, the Officers Union faces such kind of attacks almost every day! Unfortunately, the reputation of the Western media is constantly degrading.

In this case, the lie turned out to be so blatant that the disseminators had to drop it in a prompt manner. We, however, constantly receive such blows, only on a smaller scale. As I have said all the time, all the provocative news against Russians is simply figments of a twisted mind!

I would like to recall a quote from Robert Sheckley: “The most insulting that in information war is always the loser is the one who is telling the truth. It is bounded by the truth, and the liar can bear anything.”

But we do not intend to lose!

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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