Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 06/05/2022

According to Africa Intelligence, during his stay in Paris, Mahamat Abdul Kadré Oumar, known as Baba Laddé, handed French officials his roadmap “March for the restoration and security of governance in the CAR”. In this eight-page document, he proposes a “political and military operation” to “liberate Bangui” and install a transitional president. Baba Laddé calls on France to intervene at the diplomatic, political and media levels, as well as to provide him with arms. Baba Laddé made the same appeal to the Chadian authorities, on the grounds that security in Chad depends on the situation in the CAR.

I am extremely wary of such information, and on behalf of the Officers Union for International Security, I condemn any action aimed at destabilizing the security situation in the Central African Republic! At the moment, thanks to the work of the Central African National Army, trained by our trainers, the level of security is steadily rising, and the Republic is not just a threat to Chad and its other neighbours, but an example to follow!

What Baba Laddé is proposing to the French authorities is an act of aggression against a peaceful sovereign state led by a legitimately elected president. The motivation behind such an act is only lust for personal gain and the blood of civilians.

It is important to understand that Baba Laddé has given the French authorities a specific list of weapons needed for the invasion of the CAR, which includes 20,000 Kalashnikov rifles, 2,000 RPG grenade launchers, 2,000 Toyota vehicles, 1,000 armed drones, 1,000 sniper rifles and 200,000 balaclavas. I hope that France will not play with fire and their supply will be limited to 1 packet of sedative pills to help Mr Baba Laddé regain his adequate condition.

If France decides to take part in this adventure, it will be its last project on the African continent.

Alexander Ivanov,
 Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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