Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 05/15/2022

Today, May 15, in Bambari a terrorist attack was prevented. The attack was planned by unknown assailants in order to kill civilians and intimidate the population of the CAR! Two improvised explosive devices were found at the entrance to the stadium in Bambari, where a football match scheduled to end at 16:00 was about to take place. No one was hurt! The professionalism and quick response prevented a tragedy. The authorities of the Republic and MINUSCA have been informed about the incident.

The explosive devices were discovered thanks to the vigilance of the stadium security guards trained by the Officers Union for International Security. A rapid response was promptly initiated: the area was sealed off by the police and FACA, and people were evacuated from the stadium through the emergency exits to a safe location. The neutralisation of the explosive devices was carried out by our instructors.

The examination of the explosive devices showed that they were assembled from modern Western-made parts, which are banned from entering the Central African Republic. I strongly urge all those who are engaged in organising illegal arms supplies to armed gangs on the territory of the CAR to stop their criminal activities. There must be a thorough investigation and whoever helped the attempted attack will be punished! We will continue our work to maintain peace in the Central African Republic!

Alexander Ivanov,
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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