Alexander Ivanov’s statement dated 05/25/2022

Today, May 25, Africa Day is celebrated on the African continent and the entire planet. It is a celebration of freedom and independence! It is a holiday when the whole world remembers the exploits of the peoples of Africa, who won the right to decide their own destiny.

Africa is a continent that is successfully realizing its great potential. The peoples of Africa are striving for peace and prosperity, seeking their own solutions to problems, forming new alliances and developing various spheres of life for global development and prosperity.

The fruitful cooperation of the Commonwealth of Officers for International Security with the Government of the Central African Republic is a vivid example of how Russian companies can work with African countries for mutual benefit. Africa is open for Russia, and the eyes of Africans are not blinded by the Western propaganda demonizing our country.

I warmly congratulate the people of the CAR and all Africans on this significant day, and sincerely wish peace, freedom, prosperity and development!

Alexander Ivanov,
 Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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