About Alexander Ivanov

Alexander Alexandrovich Ivanov, the Head of the Officers Union for International Security, is an experienced professional with high military and educational expertise.

Alexander Ivanov began his career in the field of security back in 1978, when was he called up for military service. Later Mr. Ivanov was accepted to a military school. After graduation, he went on with his education on the higher level and graduated from the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

A combat veteran who served in the Russian Armed Forces for 33 years, Alexander Ivanov has not only combat experience, but is also an accomplished educator, which is very important for the head of an organization that specializes in training and educational support.

As the head of the Officers Union, Alexander Ivanov acts as the official representative of Russian specialists working in the territory of the Central African Republic.

In October 2021, Mr. Ivanov received a certificate of appreciation from the National Assembly of the Central African Republic for assistance in the fight against armed gangs and terrorists.

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