Official appeal from the Head of the Officers Union Alexander Ivanov to Elon Musk

Official appeal from the Head of the Officers Union Alexander Ivanov to Elon Musk

By now we are used to the fact that any information coming from Russia representatives is censored in the West. A few weeks ago, the social network Twitter blocked the official account of the Officers Union. This account was used to publish information about current events in the Central African Republic, as well as to share the official statements of our organization, engaged in providing training services to the national army, police and gendarmerie of the Central African Republic. This account was referred to and quoted by African and even European media, and in the comment section, residents of different countries energetically thanked us for our work in the CAR in particular, and Russia for cooperation with Africa in general. There was some criticism as well, but it never intimidated us. We have been working openly and honestly and will continue to do so.

Twitter informed us that the Officers Union account was blocked because it allegedly violated the rules of the platform. Which, indeed, does not correspond to reality. The account belongs to an existing organization, and was created to publish official information about our activities. This can be confirmed by the journalists of the world’s largest editions, who contacted us through Twitter with requests for comments and interviews. Despite the ban, we are not going to stop our information activities. Officers Union’s statements will continue to be published on our official website, as well as be passed round to the media outlets.

The blocking of our accounted occurred before an important event for the global media environment, the acquisition of the social network Twitter by Elon Musk. The African-born businessman Musk, after securing control over this social network, made a number of statements about the importance of freedom of speech and the inadmissibility of censorship. To the best of my knowledge, he has held these positions prior to the acquisition as well.

In light of this, I am asking Elon Musk to unblock our account in order to put an end to this illegitimate censorship! Our followers are well capable of make their own decisions about the quality of the information and I do not think they need the help of corporate censors.

In the meantime, all interested in Officers Union’s activities can follow the information on our official website

Alexander Ivanov
Head of the Officers Union for International Security

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